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4 Ways to Stay Motivated and Workout in the Winter

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Is working out in the winter challenging for you? When the temperature drops  do you just want to stay in bed, gorge on Netflix and do some online shopping? (Yeah, me too). But since we have goals to crush and fitness levels to reach, we are going to do everything we can to get a good workout session in all winter (before or after Netflix of course).  Here are 4 tips to combat the unwillingness to workout just because it’s cold:

Don’t Go Straight Home – Plan ahead and pack your workout clothes the night before and bring them into work. You’re more likely to go straight to the gym afterwards.

Get Yourself Some Exercise Equipment Purchase a medicine ball, a  resistance band, free weights etc,. Keep them in a location of the house that you frequent the most so they can be a constant reminder for you to get up and get moving.

Workout at Home (If you’re not into the gym) – Create a workout space in your home. There are workout videos such as Nike Training and P90x that you can do. Download free workout apps and get moving.

Bring a Buddy Ask your coworker or friend to workout with you. When you and a friend workout together, you can push each other harder and possibly have a better workout. Niki Glor, a Personal Trainer at Crunch in New York City said, “make play dates with buddies, so instead of going to a movie, go to a yoga class together.” (Yoga anyone?)

Have you tried these tips already? Have your own personal suggestions? Share them with us in the comments!

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