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Who’s the Rudest of Them All? N.Y., but D.C. Is No. 3 Ugly Politics Pushes D.C. Higher on Rude Citie

The district pushed past Boston and Los Angeles for the No. 3 spot on Travel and Leisure Magazine’s list of rudest cities, lagging behind Miami, which came in at No. 2 and New York the rudest city of them all. “Politics is ugly, and perhaps getting uglier,” according to the magazine. “Even though our nation’s capital still counts as a great family getaway, it got two spots ruder since last year.” People in D.C. had mixed reviews of the survey. Irma Montelongo, who is here on a 10-day business trip from El Paso, Texas, thinks the city is great. “It’s an awesome place,” Montelongo said. “I absolutely love it. People here have been very friendly. I can’t wait to come here again.” However, Abdullah Karim, a D.C native, said the city should be No. 1 on the list. “Don’t nobody got respect for each other,” Karim said. “Everything is gooned out.” D.C. has seen a boom in its population growth. Nearly 618,000 residents live in the district, about 17,000 more than were counted in 2010, according to Census data. New resident Erin Axson, who recently moved from Utah in September, said the number of people probably contributed to the high position on the list, but thinks the city is still very friendly. “I actually think it’s 10 times better than New York,” Axson said. “There are a lot of people here, and everyone here has a really busy day. If you step in their way, you’re going to get snipped.”

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